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Half Azz Jazz Combo

Here’s 1/2AZZ combo #2, a 2×10 voiced for a Jazz musician. I did not expect to be building a 2×10, but this artist need something portable for playing around NYC. He owns the prototype AZZ and wanted the same sound in a smaller package, this was the best option. Weight comes in a 54 lbs, […]

When Bad Things Happen to Good Drivers

We have these MS Pro headphones in for service, because they were fried by a headphone amp. Customer was honest and forthcoming about the fact that a headphone amp damaged these. There must have been either way too much output into them or the amp was passing DC. He said it happened as soon as […]

The 1/2 Azz Amp Update

Been waiting to get the new chassis in to test the final circuit, transformers and look. I am happy with everything so far. I still need to finish the artwork for the front and back faces of the amp, but this is a naked preview of the final product. The new chassis is stainless steel, […]